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Karate, Traditional Okinawan

If you are interested in improving yourself, learning self-defense and getting in shape, this is the class for you.  Space is limited.  It is required that all new students visit a class before registering.  Visit for more information.
After you have passed the green belt test, you have the option to move up to the advanced class that meets additionally on Saturdays.

Please note: For this activity we do not accept divided payments.

6 week sessions are offered year round
Classes taught by Michael Schaefer, 9th Degree Black Belt

Session Vlll:  Nov 29 - Jan 19 - no class week of Dec 19th and week of Dec 26th

Session l:      January 24 - March 2
Session ll:     March 7 - April 20
Session lll:    April 18 - May 25
Session lV:   May 30 - July 6
Session V:    July 11 - August 17
Session Vl:   August 22 - September 28
Session Vll:  October 3 - November 9
Session Vlll:  November 14 - December 21

Time:          Tues:  6:30 - 7:45 pm,Thur: 6:30 - 7:45 pm, Saturday: 9 - 11
Location:    Neighborhood Club

*Information only, this activity does not take registration online