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Karate for Kids Ages 5 - 14 (K - 8th grade) Fall 2023

Ages 5 - 14 (K-8th grade)

This program combines two courses into one, Sanchin-Ryu Karate & Self Defense and Project: Secure Child Safety.  Students will be trained with the age-appropriate techniques necessary for kids to protect themselves from attackers and give your child a positive outlook on learning martial arts.  We focus on healthy attitudes vs. perfection.  Participants will achieve self-confidence and leadership through the physical technique, mental strategies, drills and exercises.  Instructors hold a ranking of at least 1st Degree Black Belt and maintain a continual (bimonthly) certification to ensure the highest level of quality for their students.  Uniforms are available, but not required.  Information provided at first class.

Don't worry, this activity will resume in fall 2024.

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Location:    Parcells Middle School, Boys Gym
Time:           6:45 - 7:30 pm
Fee:             $45, 6 weeks
Instructor:    Sensei Dina Dajani, 2nd Degree Black Belt

*Information only, this activity does not take registration online