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Adaptive Yoga Ages 7 - 14 Winter

Adaptive Yoga for ages 7 - 14 with mental and/or physical limitations

Rather than focusing on a disability or using a label, adaptive yoga recognizes the child by celebrating what any child can achieve and how they learn.
Physically, yoga builds strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. The poses promote endurance, coordination, balance, and body awareness.
Kids also learn how to move their bodies through gross and fine muscle skills and motor planning. Breath work teaches kids to feel their breath and use it to affect their mood positively.

Wednesdays: January 4 - March 29
Fee:               $91 (member), $130 (non-member)
Time:             5:15 - 5:45 pm
Location:       Neighborhood Club Recreation and Wellness Center, Board Rooms, 2nd Floor
Registration deadline:  January 3, 2023
Instructor: Kari Askew

For more information, call Amber: 313-885-4600, ext. 31, or email:

*Information only, this activity does not take registration online