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Karate for Adults/Teens - Fall 2023

14 years - Adult

Specifically designed to address personal-protection concerns, this program teaches a broad range of strikes, combinations, footwork and defense tactics.  Receive specialized training on how to deal with, get out of and counter a multitude of grabs and attack scenarios.  Practicing many techniques and tactics will equip you with the confidence you need to defend yourself against any type of attacker.  Learn how to use your whole body for power, making the most of your size and strength regardless of athletic ability.

Don't worry, this activity will resume in fall 2024.

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Location:     Parcells Middle School, Boys Gym
Time:           8:15 - 9 pm
Fee:             $45, 6 weeks
Instructor:    Sensei Dina Dajani, 2nd Degree Black Belt

*Information only, this activity does not take registration online